About Us

Envolve Dental is a Dental Benefits Manager committed to improving the oral health of the community one smile at a time. As part of Envolve Benefit Options, Envolve Dental stands as a single, integrated care solution company.

Managed Dental Care Solutions 

  • Our managed dental care solutions incorporate professional review of claims data to evaluate the necessity of treatments and the cost effectiveness of those treatments. 
  • Through sponsoring innovative member education and outreach programs, we can also help individuals who have dental insurance gain regular, in-network access to their dentist, to avoid having to cover costly procedures down the road. 
  • Envolve Dental operates networks in 30 states with over 76,000 dental service providers. Our network of dentists continues to grow, ensuring members always have access to an in-network provider close to home.

Envolve Fact Sheet