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The purpose of the credentialing process is to help make certain that Envolve Dental maintains a high-quality healthcare delivery system by validating the professional competency and conduct of our providers. This includes verifying licensure, board certification, education, and identification of adverse actions, including malpractice or negligence claims, through the applicable state and federal agencies and the National Practitioner Data Base. Participating providers must meet the criteria established by Envolve Dental, as well as government regulations and standards of accrediting bodies.

Envolve Dental has the exclusive right to decide which dentists it accepts as participating providers in the network. Envolve Dental does not discriminate based on age, race, ethnicity, gender, national origin, or religion when making credentialing determinations.

Note: In order to maintain a current provider profile, providers are required to notify Envolve Dental of any relevant changes to their credentialing information in a timely manner.


To comply with NCQA standards, Envolve Dental re-credentials providers at least every 36 months from the date of the initial credentialing decision. The purpose of this process is to identify any changes in the practitioner’s licensure, sanctions, certification, competence, or health status that may affect the ability to perform services the provider is under contract to provide. This process includes all providers, primary care providers, specialists and ancillary providers/facilities previously credentialed to practice within the Envolve Dental network.

A provider’s agreement may be terminated at any time if Envolve Dental’s Credentialing Committee determines that the provider no longer meets the credentialing requirements.

For more information on the credentialing or re-credentialing process, please refer to the Envolve Dental provider manual.

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